Have you recently been fired from your job or considering quitting due to intolerable working conditions? If so, now more than ever it is important to consult with a Labor and Employment attorney as soon as possible.

In July of 2010 the unemployment statute was amended to add a new disqualification called "severe misconduct." The problem is "severe misconduct" is not defined. If you are found by the Fact Finding examiner to have committed 'sever misconduct" it is a total disqualification of your unemployment benefits. Although my office is successful at most of the appeals, the difficulty is that you will have 2-3 months of no unemployment benefits pending your appeal. Even "simple misconduct" is an issue and can jeopardize your right to extended unemployment benefits. Currently a total of "99 weeks." 

Carolyne S. Kalson, Esq. has been practicing for 28 years and concentrates in Labor and Employment matters. If you are at any stage of the unemployment process you need to give my office a call. The chances of your winning the unemployment case are much better with a knowledgeable attorney like me.

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