When the jobless rate is high and competition for jobs is fierce, ensuring that you have access to unemployment benefits is more important than ever. However, new changes in the law have made unemployment benefits more difficult to obtain, and even if your employer does not challenge your claim, the state will. Carolyne S. Kalson, Attorney at Law, will work to help you obtain unemployment benefits. 

The Department of Labor advises that you do not need an attorney to handle your unemployment matter or appeal. Do not believe it! Now more than ever, you need legal representation. Unemployment claims are being denied with or without cause and the time for an appeal hearing can be six months or more. During that period, you will not be receiving benefits if the examiner finds you have committed "severe misconduct" or left work without good cause connected to work.


Unemployment Denial Attorney

The Department of Labor may deny your claim based on the "severe misconduct" standard. Severe misconduct is not really defined by statute. Examples of severe misconduct include excessive drug and alcohol use on the job, theft of company property and violations of company rules after warnings. If the examiner finds that you were terminated or fired for severe misconduct, you will be completely and indefinitely disqualified from obtaining unemployment benefits. Attorney Kalson works persistently to appeal denied claims for unemployment benefits and has a high success rate.

If you are considering quitting your job, call attorney Kalson first. If you quit your job, you may lose your right to collect unemployment benefits. If you are facing problems at work such as harassment or discrimination, we can help you find a solution that will better suit your interests and protect your rights. By taking the appropriate steps and securing necessary documentation, you may be able to resign from your position without forfeiting your benefits — attorney Kalson can guide you through those steps. 

If your unemployment claim has been denied, or if you are considering quitting your job, contact lawyer Carolyne S. Kalson as soon as possible. She has helped unemployed workers fight for their benefits since 1983. Serving Ocean and Monmouth counties for over 30 years. Contact the office at 732-785-0800 or through the website by clicking here.