Disability discrimination is a growing area of the law and we are seeing many cases involving this issue. Though federal and state laws protect disabled people from discrimination, discrimination still persists. The New Jersey law covers both physical and mental disabilities as well as permanent and temporary disabilities. The definition of disability can encompass many conditions, including obesity. If you have been discriminated against due to a disability, Carolyne S. Kalson, Attorney at Law, can represent you, whether you live in Freehold, Red Bank, Toms River, or Jackson. 


Monmouth & Ocean County Reasonable Accommodation Attorney

Employers are required by law to make reasonable accommodations for disabled workers. These modifications can include anything from ergonomic chairs to software magnification to an extended leave of absence. Whatever the necessary accommodation is, employers are required to provide it unless they can prove that the accommodation would cause undue hardship to the employer. Additional accommodations an employer may be required to make include:


Your employer is required by law to go through the interactive process of determining and implementing the accommodations that will allow you to do your job comfortably and efficiently. In other words, the employer must talk to you and make a good faith effort to make the accommodation.

If your employer refuses to engage in a good faith interactive process, you may have a case for disability discrimination. Your employer can not just say no. Employer policies like "no light duty" can be problematic. As an experienced employment law attorney, Attorney Carolyne Kalson can offer you an honest evaluation of your case and the likely outcomes. 

Since 1983, lawyer Kalson has provided compassionate representation to clients with disabilities. Serving Ocean and Monmouth counties for over 30 years. Contact the office at 732-785-0800 or through the website by clicking here.